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Selden Selspeed (5 Litre)

JMS ID: 1805 Web ID: 11300
Pack Size: 5 Litre Weight (kg): 5.1
Colour: Clear Liquid Model Number: F116-5LX2
EAN: 5060102700296   
This fast stripping formula does not require neutralising after stripping

This fast stripping formula can be used with or without a scrubbing machine and time can be saved by not having to neutralise the floor after stripping.

Rinse Free Polish Stripper Latest advanced technology to unlock metallised polish. Advanced soil suspending formula helps recovery. Low foam for speed use and ultimate wet pickup.

Selspeed is a modern alternative to traditional caustic based polish strippers. Use Selspeed in well ventilated areas. Whilst it is good practice to rinse the floor with a mild acidic water solution before re-polishing this is not necessary with Selspeed.

DO NOT USE on wooden or painted floors. Always test the floor for colour fastness.

Mop Stripping: Dilute Selspeed 1:5 with water. Mop the floor liberally. Leave for 5-10 minutes. Using the mop agitate with a fresh solution and leave for a further 5 minutes. Remove slurry with a mop or wet pickup.

Scrubbing machine: Dilute Selspeed 1:10 with water. Mop the floor liberally. Leave for 5-10 minutes and then scrub with a slow machine fitted with a black pad. Remove slurry with a mop or wet pickup.

Spray Stripping: Dilute Selspeed 1:20 with water. Spray lightly ahead of machine fitted with a suitable pad at medium speed.

Do not use ‘Selspeed’ to remove emulsion polish from sealed wooden floors, Selate is recommended.

Do not use ‘Selspeed’ on linoleum, unsealed wood or unsealed cork floors.

5 Litre Pack

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