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Selden Selseal (5 Litre)

  • Durable acrylic floor sealer - non-yellowing polymer film
  • Suitable for all lino, PVC, rubber, terrazzo & thermoplastic floors
  • Penetrates & seals porous floors
  • Provides an ideal base for emulsion application
  • Resistant to polish strippers
JMS ID: 11013 Web ID: 11305
Pack Size: 5 LTR Weight (kg): 5
Colour: White Liquid Model Number: A008-5LX2
EAN: 5080102700328   
Durable floor sealer for all lino, PVC, rubber, terrazzo & thermoplastic floors

Non-yellowing polymer film. Does not discolour even the lightest floor. Penetrates and seals porous floors, provides an ideal base for emulsion application. Resistant to polish strippers.

For all linoleum, P.V.C., rubber, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors. N.B. Do not use on unsealed wood and cork floor coverings.

Selseal must be applied to a clean grease free floor. Apply a thin even film of seal using a clean lint free mop or applicator. Apply a second coat when the first is dry (approximately 30 mins).

COVERAGE: 50 square metres per litre.

MAINTENANCE: Selseal is formulated as a sealer coat and does not have a high resistance to wear. It must be finished by the application of Selexel or other metallised polymer emulsion and normal maintenance techniques employed.


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