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JMS Cleaner / Degreaser

  • Suitable for use on linoleum, PVC, rubber, sealed wood and cork, Ceramics
  • Suitable for mop, cloth or cleaning machine
  • Quick acting, removes dirt & grease
  • Low Foaming for Scrubber Dryers
JMS ID: 11011 Web ID: 11331
Pack Size: 5 Litre Weight (kg): 5.2
Colour: Bright Blue Lquid Model Number: JMS0008A
Concentrated, low foaming cleaner degreaser

JMS No.7 Cleaner Degreaser is a highly concentrated cleaner for floors and other hard surfaces in offices, schools, hospitals, canteens, garages etc.

Suitable for use on linoleum,PVC, rubber, sealed wood, sealed cork, ceramics and thermoplastic floors.

This product is low foaming and therefore ideal for use through a Scrubber Dryer machine.

For light cleaning dilute 1 part to 100 parts hot water.
For general cleaning dilute 1 part to 50 parts hot water.
For heavy duty cleaning and spray burnishing dilute 1 part to 30 parts hot water.
For heavy duty degreasing dilute 1 part to 10 parts warm water.

Cleaner/degreaser has a safety solvent to quick break down grease and dirt before removal. A great cleaner when you want to cut the surface back for a deeper clean. A good All purpose cleaner for all cleaning applications.

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