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Mapa Titan 375 Gloves (Large)

  • Ideal compromise between mechanical resistance & dexterity
  • Ideal for use in the building industry
  • Carpentry & sanding
  • General cleaning
  • Length 26 cm Thickness 0.80 mm
JMS ID: 79171 Web ID: 11169
Pack Size: Pack of 5 Pairs Weight (kg): 0.3
Model Number: 375 (8 - 8.5) EAN: 3245423753189
Cotton supported interior, Smooth exterior, General purpose Glove


General Handling

The Mapa 375 Dextram offer appropriate protection for all types of light handling activities - they have Exceptionally comfortable lining: no seams on the working surfaces, Offer good abrasion resistance and Protection against humidity, oil and grease

Automotive/mechanical industry Handling oily mechanical parts, Precision mechanical work

Other industries Manufacturing small electrical components Packaging Sanding Woodworking

Construction Industry (Painters/Decorators) Applying finishesPreparing surfaces splashes

Pack of 5 Pairs


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