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Mapa Jersette 301 Gloves (X Large)

  • Maximum comfort for long-term work in aggressive environments
  • Excellent for handling slippery & abrasive objects.
  • Cotton supported interior, Standard embossed Glove
  • Ideal for use in handling frozen products
  • Pack 5
JMS ID: 7914 Web ID: 10710
Pack Size: Pack of 5 Pairs Weight (kg): 0.5
Model Number: 301 (9 - 9.5) EAN: 3245423013191
Liquidproof Glove with good tear resistancy



The Jersette 301 offers Maximum comfort for long-term work in aggressive environments, Freedom of movement -  due to the anatomical shape and excellent comfort from the seamless textile support

Good tear-resistance - Long Lasting in use

Good resistance to many diluted acids and bases

Aeronautics industry  Work with composite materials (resins)

Local Authorities (Cleaning)   Handling household detergents

Construction Industry (Masons/Plasterers)   Preparing and pouring mortar and cement

Category 2 Glove   

Heat and Fire EN407  General Chemical Protection EN374  Mechanical Hazards EN 388

Pack 5


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